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CHANDA ABS Trainer Muscle Toner

Portable Abdominal Muscle Toning Belt Home Fitness Training Equipment, 6 Modes & 10 Levels Simple Operation for Abdomen/Arm/Leg Training Men and Women

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Caution after use
1. Please turn off power after use.
2. Please separate sticky gel pads from machine.
3. Please attach the adhesive gel pad to the pad holder. (To prevent adhesive pad from drying, it must insert pad pad holder)
4. The dirty area should be cleaned with a damp cloth with neutral cleaning material and wiped with a dry cloth.
5. Do not store the device in high or low temperatures or in humid environments.
6. Keep it in the place where children can not touch.
7. Do not touch the battery terminal with your wet hand.
8.15- 20 minutes per day is enough, but do not use more than twice in the same place.
9. The intensity must be adjusted individually.

Delivery content:
3 x Main Controller
1 x Abdominal Pad with Gel
2 x Arm & Leg Pad with Gel
1 x Instruction Manual

Features & details

  • Muscle and Fitness: muscle toner, which makes a rhythm and safe impulse on body, can help gaining tighter muscle and achieving perfect figure by consecutive using, just enjoy this scientific and healthy fitness workout equipment
  • EMS Technology: Adopting advanced EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), this product is intended to train your muscles in the manner of applying low frequency directly to the muscular cells or obesity cells subject to overnutrition and vibrating them for the sake of higher activity and mobility, which is scientifically proven to strengthen and tone the abdominal and other muscle groups
  • Dramatically Effective: Using muscle stimulator about 12 mins a set, which equals to 2000m running and swimming for 30 mins, 20 mins workout a day instead of hours in gym, you can always set your own fitness plan, once a day is highly recommended
  • 6 Modes and 10 Levels: Abs Trainer has 6 modes rapidly speed up the fat burn and promote metabolism. 10 levels of intensity from warm-up to high-intensity exercise, satisfy your different demands of sport. Each EMS machine can be adjusted individually.
  • Workout anywhere: You can use abs toner anytime, anywhere, it’s super light and thin and convenient to carry up, it’s so unobtrusive that You can achieve a better shape while doing the chores or watching TV

Purchase on amazon now!

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