My £3508 freetrade dividend investing portfolio

Is the Recession coming? | portfolio ups & downs | Robinhood U.K. | 5 August dividends received

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The 3 steps you need to take before you start Investing

1. Take control of your finances / debt Pay off all bad debt ie credit card debt / loans Track your expenses, track every single outgoing in your bank and note everyone down 2. Create budget and start saving Create a week or monthly budget eg The 50-30-20 budget Start saving and create an emergency …

‪£135 down! | 2 dividends not paid | freetrades free share revealed!‬ my Freetrade dividend portfolio

Should you save or invest Money ??

From a young age we are taught to save money “save money and one day you will be rich” WRONG , with interest rates going up and the banks offering a incredibly low rate of return the chances of you getting rich are slim to none, but with investing there is a more likely chance …

How much money have I made on my freetrade investing portfolio?? • going over how much I have investing & how much I’ve earned • stock watch list I will pick out 3 stocks j don’t currently own and give my reasons for wanting to buy them Investing & finance books linked below • Excellent Investing: How to Build a Winning Portfolio: • Rich …

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