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Green Angel was founded in 2006 by Chris and Mary Mitchell when they saw a need for a natural skincare brand that really works.

‘Since my teens it was a mission in life to find a skincare product that suited my sensitive and dry skin’ says Mary.   ‘I was constantly mixing various essential oils with various lotions and potions and soon became aware of the extraordinary healing and therapeutic benefits of natural plant oils.  Of course this led me on a journey into an amazing world of magical botanicals energy and infinitely effective ingredients and many many hours of delving and exploring’.

When Chris and Mary both met up in 1986 Chris already knew the massive benefits of seaweed.  As a young boy he spent many hours collecting dulce with Buster his pointer dog at Gibraltar Point (a salt marsh at the northern corner of The Wash,  Lincolnshire).  He always remembers his Mum telling him not to just pull the seaweed off the rocks as it would break the hold-fast (the section of the plant that attaches the seaweed to the rock) because the plant would not be able to regrow.  So his first lesson was to learn to cut the dulce just above the hold-fast with his penknife leaving a little bit of the stalk and blade.    His Mum would dry it out then and make roasted and toasted snacks.   Saturdays was always seaweed bath time.   Chris also helped to dress his father’s leg daily with a seaweed poultice after a motorbike accident.  The  powers of the seaweed amazed Chris as he was growing up.

So armed with Chris and Mary’s knowledge and  huge amounts of research  and lots of invaluable help from a superb chemist expert,  two ancient therapies – Thalassotherapy ( use of seawater & seaweed) and Aromatherapy  (use of essential oils) were integrated together in a very unique way to give a 21st Century superior range of skincare products.  Chris and Mary gave the range the ionic name ‘Green Angel’ and added a single symbolic gold angel wing as its logo.

‘We are very passionate about our product which have an holistic approach that leaves the whole body revitalised and enriched.  Our products are both luxurious and natural using only the finest ingredients.  Our formulations needed not only to work well, but they needed to be phenomenal giving customer’s not just good results but amazing results’.

‘Commitment, quality and service are very important to us ‘says Chris & Mary

Using the very best quality natural raw ingredients has remained the very corner stone of their business ever since.   The seaweed comes from the west coast of Ireland and is packed with vitamins, minerals, iodine, trace elements and iron and the natural essential oils are chosen for their individual  qualities.

Feedback from Green Angel customers is a fundamental part of their business.  Immense significance is given to customer input, and is considered an essential component in the development of Green Angel’s products.  True to form Chris and Mary feel that getting out there in front of the customer promoting their products  is essential to the on-going success of the Green Angel brand.

Green Angel has won many industry accolades and awards and 100’s of fantastic media reviews.  A huge customer following, including artists, stylists and many celebrities keeps the demand going and as export markets emerge the future for Green Angel looks very exciting.

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