Save or invest??

From a young age we are taught to save money “save money and one day you will be rich” WRONG , with interest rates going up and the banks offering a incredibly low rate of return the chances of you getting rich are slim to none, but with investing there is a more likely chance of achieving that goal than just saving your money, but wether you should should save or invest your money is down to you! Saving money for shorter term goals is important you should always have money saved up around 3-6 months worth of your expenses, this step is key as before you start investing you need to have some form of back up money if anything goes wrong in your life where you say have an emergency on your car / house which will cost a large amount of money you will need to have to that back up of 3-6 months worth of cash saved up so you don’t have to pull the plug in your investment portfolio, I suggest saving at the very least £50 per month & investing £50 a month , obviously depending on your financial situation this can vary. With investing the best time to start was yesterday but why not start now!

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